keep your
cam outa'
the dirt

Tames Vibration

Proprietary blend of some of the strongest stuff on Earth actually helps tame vibration

Essential Support

You’ll be ready when “Big Boy” walks by with your bow already upright, standing on the Cam Protector in shooting position

Functional Gear

The answer to lowering and raising your bow in and out of a tree stand…the proper way to set your bow down (yeah, we thought of that too)

Protection Your Bow Deserves

Protects your delicate cam & string from being damaged in virtually any situation by keeping your cam completely elevated and off of the ground

The Cam Protector becomes an extension of your bow and provides the ultimate protection for your delicate cam & string. It frees up your mind to shoot so you are no longer worried about how you place your bow on the ground or whether to rest it on your boot or not. This revolutionary product has been thoroughly tested. Go ahead, lean on your bow a little.

Durability you can trust.